I    教学类游学定制
II    交换生
  • 国际学生交流


    YFU is a program that sends exchange students to colleges or universities in other country which they like. They will experience an unusual life by making new friends, learning new subjects and participating in school communities in a most outstanding education system. There is no other better way to help students to master a foreign language in a such fast time. What’s more, the students will improve in various aspects and enrich their life experience through a year of foreign exchange life what is valued by the world famous universities and the first-class enterprises.Because  these experiences will not only make  students have sound personality and maturity, but also make them successful in every aspect.

  • 学术研究交流


    Students as an exchange student or called transferred student are sent to the same academic direction colleges to study, discuss and research .And they can choose a school, which is related to former major, to study.